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Vol. 3 - Hawke's Notes

August 2006

President: Sydney Jordan
Editor and Designer: William Rudling

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Duncan Lunan William RudlingDear Member,
                     Publishing the Hawke's Notes Supplement has given me the opportunity to thank Duncan for his invaluable contribution to the Jeff Hawke's Cosmos magazine. I'm sure our members would like to know more about Duncan's creative work as a writer, broadcaster, photo-archivist and lecturer.
        He was born in Edinburgh in 1945. Duncan's qualifications at Marr College, Troon allowed him to study at the University of Glasgow between the years of 1963-68. He gained an M.A. (Hons.) in English and Philosophy, with Physics, Astronomy, French and Merit Certificate in Logic. This was followed a postgraduate Diploma in Education, with merit and exemption in 1984. Further studies were rewarded with the Scottish Vocational Qualification in Business Management.
        The Craigie College, Ayr employed Duncan as an assistant librarian in 1964. Five years later he was involved in research in the Fisheries Division of Christian Salvesen (Managers) Ltd.
        Duncan's creative talents were used by the Glasgow Parks Dept. when he was Manager of the Astronomy Project in 1978. He designed and built the first astronomically aligned megalith in Britain for 3000 years, and supervised creation of the 'High Frontier' touring exhibition.
        In 1990 Glasgow was the European City of Culture And he was under contract to the Press Centre as Photo-Archivist, creating the 'This is Us since Hogmanay' touring exhibition. Duncan took control of the 16,000 unique images and successfully transformed the collection into a viable working commercial archive.
        Since 1963 Duncan has been on the Council of the Association in Scotland to Research into Astronautics (ASTRA), as President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer and Curator of Archive Public Observatory.


        Currently he is the Manager of the North Lanarkshire Astronomy Education Project, and parttime tutor in Astronomy, English Literature and Language, and Creative Writing, at the International Correspondence Schools.
        He lectures on all aspects of astronomy and spaceflight, founded the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle, was S.F. critic of the Glasgow Herald 1972-86, and as a singer, was a founder member of the Traditional Music and Song Association of Scotland.

William Rudling


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